Hi, I'm Emma!

I'm a 15-year-old garden writer, speaker, and Radio Host. I live in Toronto with my parents, two younger brothers, and a lot of plants.

I've loved being in the garden my whole life! Even though it's only been 15 years, I've learned a lot. I've had many successes and many failures. I've grown a lot of plants and killed many too. to me, that's most of what gardening is‒experimenting, and seeing what works. it's a fun challenge. No two people have the same garden‒everyone grows different things, faces different challenges and meets them in different ways. Gardening is taking what you learn when you don't succeed, and using that knowledge to help your plants grow better.

I'm a full-time high school student, so what I do outside of school is part-time. But from what I've done, I have learned how to do things that schools don't teach, and skills that I can use and apply for the rest of my life.

In February of 2019, Gardening with Emma, which I co-wrote with my dad, Steven Biggs, was released. It's my second book, after Grow Gardeners, which I co-wrote and self-published with my dad in 2015 when I was nine years old. 

Writing books has given so many incredible opportunities, and has led me to meet so many amazing gardeners! I co-host a radio show with my dad and sometimes go on other radio shows too. I give lectures and workshops and have appeared on television. Learn more about what I do here.

My gardening passion mostly lies in growing edibles. I love how rewarding it is to enjoy fresh peppers, arugula, beans‒even homegrown sesame seeds! I do also have a soft spot for unusual tomato varieties. Growing a garden also lets me grow things that I won't find at the grocery store‒things like ground cherries, cucamelons, and litchi tomatoes.

follow along on my journey to learn more about how to make gardening really simple, fun, and rewarding! 

Happy Growing!!!

P.S. To see what I've been up to recently and what I have planned, don't forget to check out my Instagram feed!

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