I give gardening talks.

Here I am giving a talk about my favourite cool crops.

Here I am giving a talk about my favourite cool crops.


Garden Speaker

I started out in garden communications by helping Dad do kids workshops—getting kids to touch worms or helping them plant seeds.

I still love working with kids, but I also give talks for adults too. I talk about tomatoes, cool crops for kids, and gardening with kids—for both kids and adults.

I’m sure you’ve heard from many people what a great speaker you are, but let me add my voice to the chorus: you are a great speaker! You got me quite excited about a number of vegetable varieties I haven’t tried growing yet.

My talks:


Trials and Tribulations of a Teenage Tomato Grower

I love talking about growing tomatoes.

I love talking about growing tomatoes.

I talk about how to fit lots of tomatoes in a small space. I share different ways to prune and train tomato plants, everything from staking to cages, to trellises and in straw bales. I have so many favourite varieties, and I talk about some of them. Of course, I also talk about how I outsmarted my neighbour’s big black walnut tree and now grow tomatoes underneath it. I have grown over 100 varieties of tomatoes…and have lots to share in this talk.


Emma’s Cool Crops

Grow a garden with crops that are fun for kids. Better yet, get your kids gardening too. I tell you about my favourite crops, including striped tomatoes, edible flowers, sour leaves, or hot peppers that aren’t hot. They’re fun to grow, and fun to pack in your school lunchbox and show your friends.

Gardening with Emma

If you’ve heard adults say, “Kids these days aren’t interested in gardening,” I can share the flip side of the story. I love gardening! I tell you how much fun I have in my own garden, with 100+ tomato varieties, giant tomatoes, and unusual crops that my friends think are really cool. And then I’ll give you more ideas and stories about what draws young people into gardening.

Past Talks

I have given talks and workshops at the Stratford Garden Festival, Toronto Public Library, Plant World, Richters Herbs, Niagara Seedy Saturday, Huntsville Public Library, Brookin Horticultural Society, Acton Horticultural Society, and Gibson House Historical Museum.

Coming up in 2018/2019: Toronto Botanical Garden, Peterborough Garden Show, Canada Blooms, Bronte Horticultural Society, Hillcrest Public Library. I will be putting details on my blog—or you can e-mail me for details. Click here for my calendar of talks and events.

We would love to encourage you in what you are doing and will forever think of you as the Beautiful Energizer Garden Bunny Girl!
Emma was amazing!!!