Harrowsmith Jr. – Litchi Tomato has Amazing Flavour (and Lots of Prickles!)


Here is a tomato relative to try out on friends who don’t like tomatoes. Just don’t tell them that it has “tomato” in its name. I have friends who don’t like fresh tomatoes, but love this fantastic fruit!

I love litchi tomato for its flavour. But it is prickly. Don’t grow it too close to the pathway, because its prickles will grab you.

Prickly and Mean

When I first saw this tomato relative, also known as Morelle de Balbis (or Solanum sisymbriifolium if you’re into Latin names) my tour guide at the trial garden I was visiting described it as “thorny and mean.” I agree, it can be mean, so I make sure to leave lots of space when I’m working nearby! (At a distance, though, they are really quite beautiful.)

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