Top 5 Tomatoes to Grow Again

THE 2017 TOMATO SEASON ended with my first ever tomato-tasting event. Our good friends Fariba and Shahriar came over and I picked every single ripe tomato in the backyard.

I set each tomato on a labelled paper plate, and we went around the table tasting and admiring the tomatoes. I worked my way around slowly, taking notes, and pictures as I went.

I went through my notes. Most of the tomatoes were worth growing again--and here are my top five:

  1. Florentine Beauty: A Beautiful, highly ribbed, bright yellow tomato. A very vibrant addition to my garden.

  2. Great White Blues: An unbelievable tomato. A tomato that mixes two of the most unusual tomato colours together. With a white bottom, and blue-purple shoulders, this is a spectacular, must-grow tomato.

  3. Yellow Currant: I can't believe the production of this plant! Every 3 or 4 days I would harvest over 100 tomatoes off only 2 plants! These tiny currant, or pea sized tomatoes have a thick skin, and a nice flavour. They are perfect for lunches, snacks, and people who never have enough production for the tomatoes to make it to the house.

  4.  Matt's Wild Cherry: A cute little cherry tomato with a great flavour, production, and disease resistance. An absolutely delicious addition to the garden.

  5. Reisetomate: This unusual looking tomato is an alien addition to the garden. It looks like lots of little red cherry tomatoes moulded together.  It really stands out from the other tomatoes.

There are lots of really cool tomatoes I've grown and want to grow. The tasting this year will have even more tomatoes!

I am using my notes from my 2017 tomato tasting to choose which tomatoes to grow in 2018

I am using my notes from my 2017 tomato tasting to choose which tomatoes to grow in 2018