Seeds I got so far


Do you want some ideas for gardening with kids?

Well here’s what I am growing this year and it’s probably what I will be recommending next year.

So, I got 8 packets of new seeds this year. I got 3 types of lettuce, 3 types of tomatoes, a pack of Mongolian giant sunflower seeds and a pack of Dragon carrot seeds.

I grew Dragon carrots last year and they were great. They are a bright red carrot and something you will not see in the store. I’ve grown giant sunflowers before and they were HUGE.

That’s some of the things I’m growing this year and what I’ll be recommending next year for kids gardening.

Here’s my list:

  • red iceberg lettuce (I LOVE crunchy iceberg lettuce)

  • dragon carrot (I LOVE colour)

  • Mongolian giant sunflower (I LOVE neat sizes)

  • Banana legs tomato (I LOVE cool shapes)

  • Red Flame lettuce (I LOVE colour)

  • Bi-colour cherry tomato (I LOVE small tomatoes)

  • Violet Jasper Tomato (I LOVE weird tomatoes)

  • Red Garnet Oak Leaf Lettuce (I LOVE colour)