I write about gardening.



I am the author of two books.


I wrote my first gardening article, with Dad, in 2018!

my blog

I have a gardening blog that I mostly write when it’s not gardening season!


I love writing

I love showing people how to garden. When we have guests at the house, I take them around the garden to taste everything and give them ideas for their own garden.

Writing is my way of showing even more people how much fun gardening is.


Here’s more about what I do:



When I was nine years old, Dad and I wrote Grow Gardeners. Kid-Tested Gardening with Children. You can see me in the picture above, holding a copy of the book when it first arrived. Exciting!

My new book, Gardening with Emma, came out in early 2019. It’s full of ideas for getting kids out into the garden having fun. We went crazy in 2017 growing all sorts of stuff for photos for the book, but it was worth it! You can find it at book stores and stores that sell gardening books. Click here for more information about it.



In 2018 Dad and I wrote an article about fun crops for gardening with children for The Harvest Commission. Click here to read it.



I blog more when the garden is done for the winter. I write about what fascinates me in the gardening world, neat plants, where I’m giving talks, my new videos—and, of course, lots about tomatoes. Starting in February, 2019, I will have a monthly tomato blog for Harrowsmith magazine.