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On the first Wednesday of every month at 2 pm (ET) on RealityRadio101, my dad and I talk to extreme and creative gardeners who push boundaries and share ideas on how to garden longer and grow things you didn't think you could grow. You can listen to podcasts from previous episodes on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, and on my dad's website here

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Other Radio Shows/Podcasts

I've had the pleasure of being on many radio shows and podcasts other than my own. Sometimes I get to be in the studio, and other times I do it from home over the phone. 

Past Appearances

You can listen to a few of my past interviews here:

  • The Organic Gardeners, Hosted by Jessica Walliser and Doug Oster. Listen here.

  • Encyclopedia Botanica, Hosted by Hilary  Dahl. Listen here.

  • CBC Fresh Air, Hosted by  Nana aba Duncan. Listen here.

  • The Weekend Gardener, Hosted by Niki Jabbour. Listen here

Other appearances:

  • A Family Affair

  • Down The Garden Path

  • Garden America

  • Garden Line

  • Grow Guide

  • Let's Get Growing

  • The Garden Show

  • Urban Forestry Radio Show

  • Vegetable Gardening Show

And more!