Tomato Seed Sales

You can purchase tomato seeds saved from my garden this past summer by contacting me here. Since I have a limited amount of growing space and all varieties were grown close together, cross-pollination is possible, though very unlikely. See the cost and shipping info below. Limited quantities. happy growing!!!

Cost Per Packet (15-20 seeds):






*Above rates are for all orders that fit into a standard size envelope and weigh 30 grams or less.


You can pay by either sending me a cheque or Interac e-transfer. Let me know when you order by contacting me here.

Sunrise Bumblebee
Cherry, yelloe with red streaking, great fruity flavour, preductive, indeterminate plants, mid-season maturity
Purple Calabash
Burgundy colour
Flattened with deep ribs, medium size, delicious compex flavour, juicy, heavy yield, mid-season maturity, indeterminate plant
Old German
Vibrant yellow colour with red marbling inside and red blush on the bottom, large size, sweet flavour, moderate yield, mid-season maturity, indeterminate plant
Rumi Banjan
Yellow with red blushing on bottom, flattened with light ribbing, about 3" across, mild sweet flavour, juicy, good yield, mid-season maturity.
Flattened with slight ribs, red, 3" across, good slightly acidic flavour, good yield, indeterminate plant
Green Giant
Large, round, green, great productivity, indeterminate, great flavour, few seeds
2" across, round, red, very productive for much of the season, very early maturity, great flavour
White Wonder
Mild, sweet, ivory/cream colour, great production, indeterminate plant, medim size
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Surprise Mix (25-30 seeds)- $4.00

A mix of White Wonder, Purple Calabash, Green Giant, Rumi Banjan, and Indigo Sun. 

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