Thanks for your interest in my seed sales!!!

Unfortunately, my seed sales have ended for now. BUT… I have plans to save lots of seed this summer, and have lots available later this year. Lots of tomatoes, of course, plus hopefully some peppers, beans, and other cool things! For updates on my seed sales, follow me on Instagram @emmabiggs_grows, and check back here around November for an update. 


Until then, happy growing!



Ananas Noire Tomato- One of the most stunning tomatoes when sliced! Large fruits are delicious and have bright green flesh with vibrant red blush on the bottom, and marbling through the centre. This variety is super productive! Indeterminate. Mid-season maturity.

Lebanese Mountain Tomato- This is a special variety that someone my dad knew brought back from the mountains in Lebanon. The tomatoes can get huge– my biggest was 3 lbs! The flavour of these meaty tomatoes is fantastic! Indeterminate. Mid-season maturity.

Lucid Gem Tomato- Such a pretty tomato! The medium-size beefsteak tomatoes ripen to a yellow/orange, with beautiful black anthocyanin colouring on the shoulders. They also have some red marbling through the flesh. This very productive variety is sweet with a great fruity flavour. Indeterminate. Mid-season maturity.

Malakhitovaya Shkatulka Tomato- This one ripens to a lovely vibrant green, with a bit of golden yellow colouring on the bottom. To tell that it is ripe, look for the change in colour from a dark, pale green when unripe, to a bright green when it is ripe. Also, give it a little squeeze, and if it has some give (not as firm as an unripe tomato), it's ripe. Super flavourful! Indeterminate. Mid-season maturity.

Murasaki Purple Pepper- One of my favourite peppers! These tapered sweet peppers are 3-4" long. The start off dark purple, and mature to bright red. The plants are super productive and have some beautiful purple colouring on the foliage and the flowers are purple. 

Nature's Riddle Tomato- A fantastic large beefsteak tomato! The tomatoes are orange with pink/red blush on the bottom. They get more blushing as they mature, as well as marbling through the flesh. The flavour is sweet and fruity, and the flesh is meaty and dense. A great choice for a tomato sandwich! Indeterminate. Mid-season maturity.

Pantano Romanesco Tomato- I don't grow a lot of "normal" looking red tomatoes. But this one has a place in my garden because of how crazy productive it is, and the excellent flavour! The medium-size fruits have a flattened shape, and are slightly ribbed and bright red. The flavour of this Roman heirloom is rich and sweet, and it is quite juicy. Indeterminate. Mid-season maturity.


Pink Bumblebee- Very pretty and tasty! This one is very similar to Sunrise Bumblebee in many ways. The tomatoes are pink with yellow stripes, and have the same sweet, fruity, and tropical flavour. Resistant to cracking and very productive. Indeterminate. Mid-season maturity.

Paul Robeson Tomato- This one stands out because of its distinctive flavour, which is rich, sweet and smokey. Just packed with flavour! Named after the African-American actor, singer and civil rights activist. Indeterminate. Mid-season maturity.

Purple Calabash Tomato- A very unique burgundy/purple tomato. The fruit are flattened and ribbed, and the flavour is complex and rich. Good producer. Indeterminate. Mid-season maturity.

SOLD OUT!!! Banded Amazon Tomato- Brick red with dark green stripes on medium tomatoes that have a flattened shape. Great producer, and great, rich flavour! Dwarf. Mid-season maturity. 

SOLD OUT!!! Berkeley Tie Dye Green Tomato- A fantastic tomato from Wild Boar Farms. The large tomatoes are green with lots of gorgeous red and yellow striped on the outside, and even more colouring in the flesh. The flavour is amazing– complex with good acid. Indeterminate. Mid to late season maturity.

SOLD OUT!!! Blue Gold Berries Tomato- A pretty little cherry tomato that is yellow with amethyst purple shoulders. Great flavour! Indeterminate. Mid-season maturity.

SOLD OUT!!! Blush Tomato- An elongated red and yellow striped cherry tomato from Artisan Seeds. The flavour is sweet and fruity, and the plants produce well. This variety also never cracks, and has a good storage life after harvest. Indeterminate. Mid-season maturity.

SOLD OUT!!! Cherokee Purple Tomato- These medium to large tomatoes are a beautiful shade of purple, and packed with a fantastic rich flavour. So good! This variety was named by the one and only, Craig LeHoullier! Indeterminate. Mid-season maturity.

SOLD OUT!!! Florentine Beauty Tomato- I grow this one mainly for its looks. The large vibrant yellow tomatoes are heavily ribbed and have some empty locules. This variety has a mild, sweet flavour, and flesh is quite dry, making it a good choice for cooking and sauces. Indeterminate. Mid to late season maturity.

SOLD OUT!!! Garden Peach Tomato- Truly a unique tomato! This variety looks similar to a peach, and feels like one too! Garden Peach is yellow with pink blush, and has a great sweet and fruity flavour! Indeterminate. Mid-season maturity.

SOLD OUT!!! Green Giant Tomato- So delicious and productive! These large tomatoes have a great complex, sweet flavour and are very meaty. To tell that they’re ripe, give them a little squeeze, and if they have some give (not as firm as an unripe tomato), it's ripe. Indeterminate. Late-season maturity.

SOLD OUT!!! House Tomato- Perfect if you have limited growing space. The plants of this heirloom will get no more than 12" tall, and produce lots of sweet red cherry tomatoes. Similar to Tiny Tim. Microdwarf. Early to mid-season maturity.

SOLD OUT!!! Sunrise Bumblebee Tomato- One of my all-time favourites!!! These fantastic cherry tomatoes are yellow with beautiful red stripes, and are resistant to cracking. The flavour is sweet, fruity, and tropical, and the plants are quite productive. Very similar to Blush and Pink Bumblebee. Indeterminate. Mid-season maturity.


SOLD OUT!!! TT Baby Blue Tomato- A fantastic red currant tomato with blue shoulders! Selected from a natural cross by my good friend, Linda Crago. Very vigorous plants produce tons of tiny, pea-sized, tomatoes. Great flavour! Indeterminate. Mid-season maturity.