About Me

I am a 13-year-old Toronto gardener and garden writer, garden speaker, and garden video and radio host.

My special passion is tomatoes. I grows lots of different types! I garden in containers, raised beds, the ground—and on the garage rooftop.

I like growing food in the city!

How I got into Garden Communications

Dad and I have lots of fun together on the radio show!

Dad and I have lots of fun together on the radio show!

I got into garden communications by helping my dad at garden events. I now speak and write about gardening, and co-host a radio show and video series about gardening.

The videos are for kids, but the radio show is for anyone, and we interview garden experts, which I love!

Actually, when I was little I stapled together pages to make my own little gardening books. I made a poster for one of my Dad’s books, and it said, “by Steven Biggs, helped by Emma.” Now with my new book, it’s by Emma Biggs and helped by Steven!!!

A Bit About my Garden

I live in the city, which means I always want more growing space. Actually, it’s good, because it’s the reason I grow in so many different ways. Some of the places I garden:

  • straw bales on my driveway

  • in containers on our garage rooftop

  • in my neighbour’s backyard

  • in the ground

  • under lights

  • in containers

  • in special wicking beds that Dad and I built so that I can grow my tomatoes right underneath my neighbour’s massive black walnut tree!

Watering my rooftop garden

Watering my rooftop garden

My garden is a good way to meet my neighbours!

The table all set up for my 2017 tomato tasting.

The table all set up for my 2017 tomato tasting.

This year I had a big tomato plant sale with over 100 varieties of tomato plant.

I met lots of people and had neighbours sign up for my weekly vegetable boxes over the summer. I even started a little e-mail update for my “subscribers” called Homegrown in Your Hood.


I was Honoured


In 2017 I was honoured to be featured in Garden Making magazine garden-makers issue as one of 20 people helping to make the Canadian landscape green for this generation and the next.