I started giving talks with my dad in 2015. since then I have given 30+ talks, workshops, and drop-in programs at garden festivals, seed swap events, horticultural societies and more! I usually speak for about 45 minutes and answer questions at the end. Visit my contact page to book me for an event.


"Our guests were delighted by your presentation! Hope you can join us next year!"

-Stratford Garden Festival

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Gardening With Kids: Based on my new book (see it here), this presentation is filled with ideas on how to get the younger generation excited about the dirt. It has ideas for how to get kids outside in the first place and shares the best crops and projects to keep them there. This presentation can also be given with my dad (Steven Biggs).

Trials and Tribulations of a Teenage Tomato Grower: Last year I had over 130 different tomato varieties in my garden. And it wasn't easy. I don't have a ton of growing space (I live in Toronto), There are a ton of pests that want me to share my harvest, and my neighbour has a massive black walnut tree (which kills anything in the tomato family!)‒And that's just the beginning. In this presentation, I share everything that's dragged me down, and how, in the end, I ended up with more tomatoes than even I could possibly eat!

Cool Crops: One of my favourite things about gardening is growing things that I can't find, or can't get fresh in the grocery store. I've grown so many amazing crops that I love, and the only place I can find them is in my own backyard. I talk about fruits, vegetables, and even edible flowers. learn about everything from Cucamelons and ground cherries to homegrown sesame seeds, and some neat tomato varieties (of course!). Try something new, and fun in your garden!