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Emma has given 50+ presentations at garden clubs, horticultural societies, garden events and festivals. She has also led workshops and drop-in events at libraries and garden retailers. She does a great job at weaving together practical advice on how to grow a great garden with humor and stories for a fun and engaging presentation. Get in touch with her here for more details and to book her for an event.

Some past audiences include: Canada Blooms, Mother Earth News Fair (Texas 2020), Toronto Botanical Garden, AHS National Children and Youth Gardening Symposium, Peterborough Garden Show, and Stratford Garden Festival


Growing Food in Small Spaces & Containers

Emma gardens in the city of Toronto, where she is very fortunate to have a large yard, but as most gardeners can relate to, she still wants more growing space. She shares all the ways that she makes use of her limited space, including growing vertically, in containers, in straw bales on her driveway, on the garage rooftop, and more. Emma also shares some of the best crops to grow if you have a limited amount of space.

Trials and Tribulations of a Teenage Tomato Grower

Emma has grown about 200 tomato varieties, including 80 this year with about 100 plants. She has grown them all over her yard, from straw bales on the driveway to the garage rooftop, to wicking beds under a black walnut tree. She will share everything you need to do to grow awesome tomatoes, from how to choose varieties, prune, deal with disease, battle pests, save seeds, and more. 

Extraordinary Edible Plants

Emma has always been drawn to the unusual ones. It started with the blue and white tomatoes, and has now become a major part of her garden. You won't find many orange carrots in the backyard, but instead purple, yellow, red, white, and even round ones. Along with so many other special plants like Ground Cherries, 'Dragon's Tongue' beans, 'Lychee' tomatoes, 'Biquinho' peppers, and so many more. Get ready to learn about some amazing lesser-known varieties that deserve a place in your garden next year.

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Emma Biggs presented to our horticultural society using Zoom. By far, she has been the best virtual presenter we have had! She used two computers, one for the actual presentation and the second for addressing our chat questions and comments (she regularly used this and asked questions of her own)! Emma speaks clearly, with interesting information, relevant photos, personal anecdotes and humour. Many of our members emailed me personally to share their positive feedback and indicated that we’d like to have her back.

- Christine Webb, President, Elmira & District Horticultural Society


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