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Welcome to my Blog!

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog!

I was going to put a quote about failure here but I couldn't decide on one to use. They all say pretty much the same thing though, that failure isn't failure if you use what you learn from your mistakes to keep moving forward. You have to think of failure as a speed bump on the road to success, not a dead-end road.

I talk about the rocky road I've had to take to be able to grow lots of tomato plants in my urban Toronto yard a lot. I don't have nearly as much space as I want, and my next-door neighbour has a massive Black Walnut tree (which poison's anything in the tomato family!). Yet, after trying many different things over several years, I am now able to grow what I love, and I had over 130 tomato varieties last year!

This is where I share what I've learned from gardening. I'm going to share the mistakes that I've made, my success, and tips that I've learned from other gardeners. Stay tuned to get ideas on growing in small spaces, planting, seed saving, fun things to grow, tomatoes (of course!), and more! I hope this blog helps to reduce the number of speed bumps on your route to success!

Happy reading!

Emma :)

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