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Emma's 2023 Seedling Sales!

Thanks for your interest in my seedlings this year! I will only have tomato and pepper seedlings this year. All plants will be $4.


I am taking pre-orders, so if there’s anything that you’d like reserved, let me know. You can find a list of varieties below. A quick Google search should bring up everything you could want to know about a variety, from how big it gets to how it looks and of course the flavour. Feel free to send any variety questions my way too! You can also just let me know what you’re looking for and I can tell you what varieties fit the bill. The way that pre-orders work is that you let me know what you’d like and I’ll make sure that I have it, and then confirm with you. 


Because of this cool spring that we’re having, it looks like tomatoes won’t be able to be planted in the ground here in Toronto until the end of May at the earliest. Pickup for tomato seedlings starts on May 23rd. Simply get in touch with when you’d like to stop by and I’ll confirm that it works for me. Most days I am home from school by 4:30 pm, and weekends also work, preferably in the afternoon or evenings. Come by, browse the seedlings, and ask questions. If you’d like to pick up a preorder when I’m not at home, I can arrange to leave it out for you to pick up at your convenience. 

Driveway Plant Sale

I will also be having a driveway plant sale on Saturday May 27th from 10 am to 2 pm. Let me know if you need the address. All the plants that I haven’t sold yet and haven’t been set aside for pre-orders will be out for people to check out and I’ll be there to help you find the best ones for your garden!


As always, feel free to let me know if you have any questions. You can get in touch through my contact page.


For those of you that have never bought from me and those who have for many years… THANK YOU! I really appreciate your support!


AND, if you know anyone who’d possibly be interested in seedlings, please share this with them! Thanks for spreading the word!!


Happy growing everyone!


Tomato Varieties

Sunrise Bumblebee


Isis Candy Cherry

Purple Bumblebee

Rose Quartz Multiflora

Brad’s Atomic Grape

Matt’s Wild Cherry

Gardener’s Sweetheart

Pink Bumblebee


Dwarf Sweet Sue

Dwarf Pink Passion

Microdwarf House

Lebanese Mountain

Pantano Romanesco

Kellogg’s Breakfast

Lucky Cross

Paul Robeson

Cherokee Purple

White Wonder

Dingo Eye

Thorburn’s Terra Cotta

Hungarian Heart


Garden Peach

Black Beauty

Green Giant

Dark Galaxy

Berkeley Tie Dye Pink

Dad’s Sunset

Pepper Varieties

TAM Jalapeno

Ubatuba Cambuci

Albino Bullnose


Sugar Rush Peach

Pumpkin Spice Jalapeno

*note that pepper seedlings are still quite small

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